Babita’s Mother

“My Name is Buna Pokharel. I have given birth to 7 children. My daughter Babita Pokharel was sponsored by Himalayan Spirit Academy. Since then, she is inspired to go school and never just stays at home. She has been supported by Himalayan Spirit Academy who helped and continues helping us so a lot; we don’t even have to buy any education materials.

I say thank you say thank you very much for supporter and Himalayan Spirit Academy.”

“Namaskar! I am mother of Devraj. My husband is in India working as porter, he used carry heavy load in an indian city. We are 6 in my family – three daughters and one son.

My son, Devraj, is very interested on his studies and loves to do it. He is very clever and dedicated boy. On every exam, he holds first and second position. They are knee to see their father but he has to work for our family. We were helped by Himalayan Spirit Academy, who supported my son and his studies but we still have to struggle for our daughters so they can also have opportunities. My economic condition is very poor. But gladly, my children are getting school uniforms, exercise books, pen, pencil and other necessary materials which makes me very happy and thankful..I would like to say:

thank you so much to those who supported my children and for Himalayan Spirit Academy.”

Devi’s mother ran away, during the night, leaving her two daughters, also without their father, abandoned. Their grandmother took them into her charge, responsibility and into her care, also, worried about their mother situation of running away for the love of her second husband. Choose a recover previous version of excel file 2007 safe location on your computer to save the recovered files.

Devi’s got sponsored, gladly, which was a great help and fortuned event for her, her sister and grandmother. Devi is a very good and intelligent girl and a great student.

Even through the struggles, her grandmother is very pleased, happy and thankful for all the support that they got from the person who has been looking after her grandchild – saying “many thanks” and wanting to do it in a public way to let them know that the work they have done has been appreciated.