Board of Trustees

Mr. Krishna GautamMr, Krishna GautamFounder Chairperson


Krishna Pd. Gautam is a National Tour Lider, trekking guide since 1995, who has visit most remote part of the Himalayan region and is aware of the remote part situation at the Himalayans in Nepal. He is also, the founder chairperson of Himalayan Spirit Welfare Society (HISCOS), founder ex-vice-chairperson of Shirjanshil Mahila kalyankari Samaj, chairman of Bhawana Saving and credit co-operative ltd.

He aims to improve the society by supporting children education.

Mr. Rajkumar PokharelMr, Rajkumar PokharelVice-chairperson
Mr.Rajkumar Pokharel works in handicraft market. As his motto of serving of society to enhance weak people, he says that education is light of the life.“Without education, our Nepal’s development is impossible. Let’s do whatever it cost.
Mr. Irajan PokhrelMr Irajan PokhrelSecretary
Irajan Pokharel was born in the remote Japhe village where a lot of people suffer from sickness and poverty. Growing up in such environment made him eager to fight poverty and help his community breaking through sickness.Mr.Pokharel also works as trekking guide and, although there is still a long way to go, he is a positive person, glad with his team and thankful for the arrangements already made to change the current deprivations.
Mr. Dipak PokherelMr Dipak PokherelTreasurer
Mr.Dipak is also from Japhe and, spent his childhood lacking proper education. With inspiration from Mr. Gautam, society’s situation and his determination to help and support disadvantaged people, he started to study sociology with a special interest in defending human rights and its conditions.When HISCOS established and started to work with poverty, he said – “when a positive young heart wants to do something to make things better, whatever they will do – they will make a change in a society”.
Mr. Deepak PokhrelMr Deepak Pokhrel
Vice secretary
Mr.Deepak is studying Business Affairs and assured that working as social leader can be great and, also, driven by many challenges.


He was mostly inspired by his father to flow his sweat in the society and be spiritually devoted to work, by increasing awareness through health, environment and education. He is extremely focused on improving the traditional agriculture system combining moderns’ techniques to yield more production and continue helping people through HISCOS.

Mr. Gokarna Prasad PokharelMr,Gokarna Prasad Pokharel
Mr.Gokarna Pokhrel is 45 years old, also born in Japhe and when growing up, had no chances of education or neither a school to attend. When he was 15 years old, moved to Kathmandu looking for job and became a trekking porter. Among the years and hard work, he managed to improve his life condition and started to work as a trekking guide –learned english language in a technical school but mostly actually from his guests and co-workers. By then, he already had realized several times how much education was missing in his life and how some lack of knowledge, made his life harder to develop at some points.Mr.Pokhrel, now, eagers to change the way society still feels about schools and to bring more children “in light of education.”- “Let’s help the children.”
Mr. Balaram GautamMr,Balaram Gautam
Balaram Gautam is a mountain trekking guide since 1995 as well, who has also visited most of the remote part of the Himalayan region and aware of its challenges and struggles. He is also one of the founders chairperson of Himalayan Spirit Welfare Society (HISCOS), founder vice-chairperson of Shirjanshil Mahila kalyankari Samaj and chairman of Bhawana Saving and credit co-operative ltd.Mr.Gautam has always aimed to improve the society by supporting children education and fighting for a better life for these.