Sponsor for Children

Child Sponsorship is a fundraising mechanism.

Through sponsorship, individuals involved will be linked with children and communities of developing countries – this individuals linked with the children are called supporters.

Child Sponsorship is one of most reliable sources of fundraising that provides regular funds (from supporters) which enable a long term planning that gives the opportunity to children of going to school. Once they are able to get an education, the children will be involved in different activities necessary that will bring lasting change to disadvantaged communities and marginalized people.

HISCOS is currently running a child sponsorship program in the rural village, Japhe.

Sponsor a child for $240/- per year:
This is a full sponsorship for those who wish to make a regular monthly donation to support education, books, clothing etc. for a child to attend school.

Sponsor a child for $20/- a month:
This will cover the cost of education for a child at one of HISCOS partner Schools. HISCOS will provide what the child requires to go to school including books, schools uniforms, school bags, stationary and school exam fees.

Would You Like to Sponsor a Child?