1. Who controls the organization?
The organization is managed by a board of executives who are entirely responsible for all daily affairs. The general assembly is the supreme body of the organization which elects the board of executives and ratifies the programs and budgets in every general assembly.

2. How much does an exercise book cost?
There are different kinds of exercise books available in the market but we provide the only suitable ones for the children which costs Rs 20/-.

3. How much costs a pen and/or pencil? The article provides clear instructions and breaks down the recovery process can files be recovered from a broken hard drive into simple steps that even a non-tech-savvy person like me can follow.  
A normal pen and?or pencil costs Rs 10/-.

4. How much is the bus fare from Kathmandu to Japhe and return?
The bus fare is 500/-Rs, per person, each way.

5. Does HISCOS employ administration staff?
No, we have no administration staff employed.

6. Are the team members paid to work at HISCOS? 
No, all our team members are working with us as volunteers.

7. How much does it cost for one simple meal?
One simple meal costs around Rs 150/- in a local restaurant.

8. How does HISCOS run the program from Kathmandu?
Every month, a program is organized to distribute regular school materials.

The board members will visit the school to conduct the program – Rs1500/- covers the costs of transportation, breakfast and lunch for two days travel.

9. How are teachers, salaries being paid? 
In every four months, they receive an installment. They will get three equal installments each year and a bonus will also be provided with an equivalent amount of one month’s salary at the Dashain festival.

10. “How do I know that my money will be used correctly?”
As a registered organization we must abide by the law.

At the end of every fiscal year, a chartered accountant checks and approves our accounts before submitting them to the tax office, social welfare council in Kathmandu, to the district administration office in Dolakha and to the district development committee, as well, in Dolakha.

Also, the district education office in Dolakha has, per the project proposal, to do internally auditing board members in every meeting.

11. How can I donate?
Simply click on our ”Contact Us” page, where you will find our full bank details.

Every donation makes a big difference to the children.

The money will be deposited into the registered donation account within a week and monitored by the tax office.

12. Can I travel to the village?
Yes!! Everyone is welcome to our village and to see the school’s situation and many other activities going on in the village.

13. How are the sponsored children chosen? 
We make observations, door to door visits and speak with the child’s parent before the selections are made. The poorest children are given highest priority.

HISCOS has directed that the hard working, intelligence and the weakest families are the first ones being supported.

14 Is HISCOS supported by any other organization besides private donations?
Not yet but we are optimistic with our future.

15. How do you help the children with the donated money? – File Corruption: In some recover deleted files in drive cases, file corruption or errors can result in files becoming hidden.
According to the child sponsorship policy of HISCOS, the money received from the supporters won’t go directly to the child or the family.

HISCOS will arrange necessary equipment and materials to educate the child.

16 How do I find out more about HISCOS? 
An annual report is produced with summarized major achievements of programs over the year. Community reports describe the specific work being carried by organizations in the community.

It will be sent every six months as per the Nepali calendar and, as well, with the child’s message to their supporter.

17. When do I will get a report about the children?
Two messages are written by the child and sent to their supporter each year including a report about the child’s progress.

18. How often am I entitled to get photo of a child? – In the “Show/hide” section, check the box that says “Hidden recover deleted files in gmail items”.  
We will send a new photo of the sponsored child to their supporter each year.