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Himalayan Spirit Academy is under public educational trust charitable organization which was founded by a group of trekking guides who were committed to improve health and education standards and the development of the remote areas of Nepal.

Nepal is one of the world’s most underdeveloped nations and it is predominately made up of small villages. The geography is varied: flat land in the south and quickly rising to steep hill country, culminating in most of the world’s greatest and highest mountains – Himalayas. In the central part of Nepal – known as the Dolakha District – you can find Japhe, as one of these small villages.

Japhe suffers from various social problems: it is extremely hard to survive face to the small scale of industry, lack of opportunities, subsistence’s dependence and the fact that daily jobs are lowly paid. It is a village where the population doesn’t have the opportunity of improving themselves due a lack of formal education and chances to get one.

How We Started?

As trekking guides, the HSA team is constantly travelling to various destinations in Nepal during the trekking season. Our team thinks and talks about people’s situations and difficulties, developing our focus is on those who are living in remote areas of countryside…

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The work been done in Japhe is generously funded by the founders of the project.The money that they are giving is a huge help but, has expected, we are always needing more financial support for building and classroom materials, better conditions and to offer better wages to the local staff.

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Alumni support helps our school stay connected with former students. It allows us to help each other, learn from each other, and grow together.

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Books and libraries are like treasure chests full of knowledge and imagination. They help us explore new worlds, learn new things, and grow smarter every day.

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Irajan Pokharel – Principal
Sanjaya Pokharel – Vice Principal
Mandabi Pokharel – Teacher
Namrata Mahat – Teacher
Babita Pokharel – Teacher
Ambikat Moktan –Assistance /Messanger

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2 weeks ago I took a beat-up kitten but we could not mother her. And not that long time ago Gokhara brought a little puppy. I named her Chapa but some

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He is a timid ten years old boy with charming snow-white smile (for sure it’s accomplishment of his favorite dish with carrots) and gentle kind personality. As it’s supposed to the

Our Small Victories

There is a place not far from our house where nice to come and sit after a hard working day. It offers the most comprehensive view of the future school. When