Support hiring Teachers

Nowadays, education has changed and there is an increased value about the understanding of international language and, being a developing country has the disadvantage of not being able to compete in the job market due to languages. Students who are able to go to an university are able to study english language but, students from remote parts of the country don’t have access to a good education.

There are two different type of schools in Nepal – private and government. Parents who can support a private boarding school to their children makes the chances of a better future for them much higher and, one of the reasons of it is that, they can learn better languages – like English – increasing the possibilities of finding a better job when they grow up. Anyway, farmers and low income families are not able to offer a better education for their children which, happen constantly in the villages – meaning no opportunities, no learning, no knowledge and, the remote parts of the Himalayas will continue to be hidden due to lack of better education.
We wish to support these people by teaching their children and providing a strong fundamental base to ensure a bright future for them.

Sponsoring one child means that child goes to school. Hiring a teacher means 80 children go to school.

The cost for one teacher for a year is $1930/- or 1350/- euros.