He is a timid ten years old boy with charming snow-white smile (for sure it’s accomplishment of his favorite dish with carrots) and gentle kind personality. As it’s supposed to the teacher’s son, he possesses natural generosity, lofty views leading him to the profession of doctor. “Because it’s necessary to help people and no one should be ill!” – Our little Hypocrate answers us. But don’t be naive: he doesn’t consider that volunteering teacher are better than local teachers. International tinsel won’t dazzle the child who comes to school for knowledge because finally it’s the reason of school existing. After lessons it’s time to spend time with the numerous friends, to play football and touch-last, to tease silly girls, to share knowledge with fellows on the way home. In the evening after finishing helping about the house Ujjwal likes to take paper and pen and to write something for example about beauty of favorite season of the year – about life-enhancing mountainous nature spring when golden and green colors of fields of the district are diluted with bright blue, red, yellow nuances of sprouting flowers.

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